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OpenSpace Survey: Builders looking to improve efficiency as 74% worry about potential economic downturn

By Emily Rennie

In a new survey of its customers and community, OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° jobsite capture and AI-powered analytics, found that 74% of respondents are concerned about a potential economic downturn affecting the construction industry. To prepare, 60% said they wanted to improve project efficiency. Few are looking to freeze or cut jobs (16%) to adapt, while more than half (54%) said that they’d look to technology to optimize operations in order to weather any slowdowns.

In fact, 74% of survey respondents said they thought technology would help their company by improving efficiency, thereby saving time and money. Other popular responses included technology helping to decrease errors or mistakes (62%) and reducing the time spent coordinating among stakeholders or traveling to the site (59%).

You can read the full press release here.

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