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OpenSpace Chosen for Advanced Social Proof Project in Nagoya City, Japan

By Claudia Thijs

October 23rd, 2023

Busy Nagoya City street

The City of Nagoya has selected OpenSpace for its “Hatch Technology NAGOYA” project, an advanced social proof project to solve administrative issues through the application of advanced AI-based technology, including reality capture.

Aging public facilities require ongoing attention

The City of Nagoya owns many public facilities, numbering approximately 2,700, with a total floor area of 10 million square meters. About half of the total floor area is more than 40 years old, making aging public facilities a severe issue. In line with this, the number of facilities requiring renovation is increasing. Still, on-site surveys of facilities take an enormous amount of time and person hours, which is expected to continue to increase.

Traditional, manual processes were draining resources

Until now, each of the following was recorded in a ledger: photography with a digital camera, recording on a floor plan based on the photographed location and direction, and written information. However, it required an enormous amount of work to collect complete views of each room and facility without omission. Therefore, the local government needed a tool that would allow teams to gather all the necessary information in a single on-site survey and create a ledger on the spot.

Enter OpenSpace reality capture

OpenSpace Capture is the industry’s leading reality capture solution. Connecting this product to a 360° camera lets customers record live images of all current conditions on a construction site with unparalleled power, speed, and simplicity. The cloud-based platform delivers AI-powered analytics to keep projects on schedule and requires no infrastructure or other equipment.

Origins of the Hatch Technology NAGOYA project

Nagoya City is actively promoting social demonstrations utilizing advanced technologies to address various issues, to promote R&D and social implementation of technologies, and to attract a concentration of companies and other entities possessing advanced technologies. The city is currently facing a significant tide of change, including demographic shifts due to the declining birthrate and aging population, diversification of values and lifestyles, and concerns about environmental sustainability. Furthermore, with the arrival of a new society of Wisecorona and Aftercorona in sight, the City of Nagoya is also facing a variety of increasingly varied and complex administrative and social challenges.

Hatch Technology NAGOYA promotes technological R&D and social implementation by supporting social verification of advanced technologies, aiming to “hatch” more advanced technical “eggs” from Nagoya through social performance.

Learn more about the initiative on the project website. Are you curious to see how you can benefit from an automated documentation solution? Access our free product demo to explore OpenSpace and see how easy it is to navigate and collaborate.

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