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OpenSpace Customer Stories: Innovation in the Construction Industry

By Claudia Thijs

October 9, 2023

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In the world of construction projects, timely communication, efficient collaboration, and cost savings are essential. OpenSpace Capture, our industry-leading 360° reality capture solution, can make the difference in meeting all of these requirements.

To illustrate this point, here are some inspiring stories from Benelux customers that demonstrate the global appeal of OpenSpace in the construction sector.

How VORM uses OpenSpace to accelerate the construction of affordable homes.

VORM, a renowned real estate developer, uses OpenSpace to accelerate the construction of affordable housing. With OpenSpace’s advanced 360° reality capture solution, the team can work remotely and intuitively monitor construction progress. This has not only led to a significant reduction in travel time and costs but has also contributed to faster decision-making and better collaboration between different stakeholders. Thanks to OpenSpace, VORM can confidently deliver projects within tight deadlines while optimizing costs. Read the full story.

BAM benefits from viewing projects remotely, which fits seamlessly with hybrid working arrangements.

BAM, a leading construction group, has embraced OpenSpace to meet the demands of hybrid working arrangements. Using OpenSpace’s innovative platform, team members can remotely view issues and virtually participate in construction meetings and inspections. This capability has led to a better work-life balance for employees while still allowing them to be fully involved in projects from any location. BAM has found that OpenSpace plays a key role in supporting flexibility and enabling seamless collaboration, which in turn has contributed to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Read the full story.

According to Geveke, OpenSpace helps gain the trust discussed in the WKB.

Geveke, a leading construction company, has embraced OpenSpace to meet the requirements of the Construction Quality Assurance Act (WKB). By leveraging OpenSpace’s extensive documentation and reporting features, Geveke can provide transparent and detailed visual data to construction inspectors and stakeholders. This capability has increased confidence in the quality and safety of the company’s projects and led to a smoother approval process. Geveke is convinced that OpenSpace has made a valuable contribution to gaining the justified trust that the WKB requires. Read the full story.

Principal benefits of reality capture according to our customers

These three customer stories illustrate the value OpenSpace brings to the construction industry. With advanced technologies that deliver efficiency, cost savings, and improved collaboration, OpenSpace is a driving force for innovation in the construction industry. Organizations such as VORM, BAM, and Geveke have proven that OpenSpace is the key to successful construction projects and an improved competitive position.

Here are some of the principal benefits customers share that they are experiencing when using OpenSpace:

Accelerated construction processes: As VORM’s experience has shown, our customers can benefit from accelerated construction processes thanks to the use of OpenSpace. The advanced 360° reality capture features enable them to monitor construction progress remotely, leading to faster decision-making and more efficient collaboration between different stakeholders. The improved efficiency allows projects to be delivered faster, which is cost-effective and provides a competitive advantage.

Flexibility for hybrid working practices: As BAM’s experience has demonstrated, OpenSpace customers have the option to view jobsites remotely, which fits perfectly with hybrid working requirements. Equipped with reality capture technology, team members can stay directly involved in projects from any location, giving them a better work-life balance while still enabling them to actively participate in meetings and inspections. The result is increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Improved trust and quality assurance: As Geveke’s story illustrated, OpenSpace helps builders gain the justified trust that the Construction Quality Assurance Act (WKB) discusses. By utilizing comprehensive documentation and reporting features, customers can provide transparent and detailed visual data to construction inspectors and stakeholders. This capability increases confidence in the quality and safety of our customers’ projects and helps them move through the approval process more smoothly.

Better decision-making: Customers can make better decisions by leveraging the detailed and visual information that OpenSpace provides. Seeing the real situation on the construction site or in remote meetings allows teams to make more informed choices, leading to more successful projects and higher customer satisfaction.

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In summary, all of these benefits contribute to the success and efficiency of OpenSpace customers in the construction sector in 93 countries and counting.

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