OpenSpace is bringing BIM to the field with OpenSpace BIM+

By Jennifer Toton

June 7th, 2023

Announcing OpenSpace BIM+

Design and engineering professionals have broadly adopted BIM, but field teams have not followed suit. While 3D models are an essential aspect of construction, working with them presents numerous hurdles that can drive up project costs and delay schedules.

This is all about to change with the introduction of our latest product! We’re thrilled to introduce OpenSpace BIM+ and finally unlock BIM coordination on the jobsite.

Building on our industry-leading reality capture solution, our goal is to help unite VDC and field teams. We salute our customers’ passionate involvement and input in this innovative direction. Our popular BIM Compare feature in OpenSpace Capture equips field teams to navigate and compare site conditions to a project’s BIM, with the model fully aligned to the OpenSpace 360° capture. Last quarter, more than half of our customers used this feature, and they represented our most active customers. We’re excited to deliver powerful new BIM features to all these customers.


Discover OpenSpace BIM+

Now in Early Access, OpenSpace BIM+ will dramatically simplify and speed up BIM coordination through reality capture and easy-to-use BIM tools. Our aim is to enhance collaboration, save valuable time spent on day-to-day tasks, and equip field teams to be more efficient.

This suite of easy-to-use 3D tools makes BIM more of a self-serve function. Teams can compare as-built conditions to design intent in the office and on the construction site. Moreover, field teams can navigate and compare site conditions to the project’s model as easily as navigating a Google Street View, making it easy to answer questions quickly and resolve issues without the typical back-and-forth that can happen daily on a jobsite. With streamlined workflows, VDC managers and others get time back to focus on critical path items.


Transforming coordination with OpenSpace BIM+

OpenSpace BIM+ is built on top of OpenSpace Capture, a combination that transforms communication by letting your images and models do the talking. Teams can view and compare BIM to as-built and then take action more efficiently by coordinating with team members directly within OpenSpace. OpenSpace BIM+ will:

  • Strengthen coordination by working with our popular BIM Compare and Field Notes features to push out relevant information to project stakeholders and through multiple systems and project management platforms.
  • Enhance analysis and provide greater context to project teams by exposing different types of data, making models easier to navigate with new features like Saved Views, and simplifying the ability to compare as-built to design intent.
  • Improve model management by importing models from where they’re stored and associating multiple models to an OpenSpace project. And with model usage reporting, get visibility into how project teams are using and adopting models.

Stay tuned! Many more features will be rolling out soon. Learn more and be among the first to use this exciting tech via our Early Access program. You can also contact us for a demo.

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