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We Now Support 360° Video Capture for the Ricoh THETA Z1 360° Camera

By Emily Rennie

August 24th, 2021

Now supporting video capture for the Ricoh THETA Z1

The THETA Z1 is Ricoh’s premium 360° camera. With the highest image quality of all the THETA models, the THETA Z1 also has an improved lens, superior noise reduction, and more accurate image stitching. 

While we’ve supported manual photo capture for the THETA Z1 for some time, we now support the full 360° video capability on OpenSpace

That means it just got even easier to get frequent, high quality captures of your job site. Here’s why. 

Take Clearer Captures in Low Light

Two key features introduced in this camera make data quality in low light substantially better: 

  1. Sensors on the THETA Z1 are 1 square inch, which is approximately three times larger than most other cameras in the same price range. 
  1. The variable aperture lens allows the camera to adjust to ambient light conditions.

These features achieve nearly double the light sensitivity of other cameras in this category. The THETA Z1 helps eliminate motion blur in dark environments and picks up significantly more detail in dark rooms and corners.

For more information about the camera, visit the Ricoh THETA website. If you already have a THETA Z1, you should be able to start capturing video in our mobile app today. Just follow the connection instructions in our mobile app. 

If you don’t have a THETA Z1 and you’d like to purchase one, reach out to us at or contact your account manager directly to get your hands on this exciting new piece of technology.

Note: Due to the higher quality captures, upload times may be longer. If you aren’t already using our desktop app to upload your captures, now might be a good time to start.

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