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idigitalhub Partners With OpenSpace to Accelerate Builds and Improve Quality

By Eva Obermaier

April 3rd, 2023

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Founded in 2019, idigitalhub launched in response to increasing demand in the UK for civil engineering organizations to address new fire legislation requirements. The company’s founder, Harvey Jassal, saw an opportunity to help developers meet these new legal requirements while improving quality across compliance, governance, and certification of construction sites.

Harvey knew documentation would be key to helping his clients prove their developments adhered to the new fire code requirements. He didn’t want a legacy system that required “reams and reams of paper,” thousands of uncategorized smartphone shots, or hundreds of employee hours, which is why he integrated OpenSpace into daily operations. Harvey was drawn to OpenSpace’s quality and speed, and idigitalhub is now expanding its use of OpenSpace to leverage features like Field Notes and BIM Compare on other projects.

Using OpenSpace, idigitalhub became the first and only company to ever receive digital sign-off from the government.

The investment in OpenSpace has already paid huge dividends. Indeed, idigitalhub has sped up the certification process overseen by London’s Metro Safety and Fire Brigade for fire safety compliance from a few months to just two weeks and has the distinction of being the first and only company to ever receive digital sign-off for this item. The benefits don’t stop there—idigitalhub has also dramatically reduced documentation time, mitigated risk, and increased accountability.

To learn more about how idigitalhub is using OpenSpace to innovate the approval process, save time, and enhance QC, download the case study.

Learn more about the UK’s Building Safety Act to see if OpenSpace reality capture can help your organization address this landmark safety law. When you’re ready to explore the possibilities, reach out to start a conversation.

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