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Catching Up With… Renata Caron

By Merry Richter

October 5, 2023

Renata Caron and a 100+ year-old magnolia tree

Renata Caron is Senior Director, Sales Operations at OpenSpace. In this capacity, she is responsible for driving the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales organization. By optimizing sales processes, leveraging data and analytics, and implementing best practices, her team enables the sales team to reach their targets and contribute to the overall growth and success of the company.


MR: Thanks so much for participating in this series of conversations with our fellow OpenSpacers, Renata. Happy to have this opportunity for us to get to know you better. How did you get started in the construction technology field?

Renata: Happy to share, Merry! I fell into construction technology by chance. At the beginning of my career, I was introduced to CAD software. I thought it was an amazing tool that could replace paper in the architecture industry. After veering away into public finance and management consulting for a bit, I was able to bring different aspects of my career back into the business of helping to bring construction technologies to market.

MR: And what led you to OpenSpace?

Renata: Simply the people and the product. The people at OpenSpace are truly a fun, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated group. Creating a product that saves you time, money, and tedious manual data entry is a no-brainer. On top of that, to realize the full value of OpenSpace, all you have to do is walk around! What’s easier than that?

MR: Indeed! Let’s get to know you better. What is something that your teammates might not know about you?

Renata: I grew up in Indonesia and moved to the U.S. when I was a teenager. Unknowingly, it was there that I had my 15-minute brush with fame. Barack Obama and I crossed paths when we were toddlers, as his mother worked with my dad in Jakarta. Outside of work, I like to do experimental mash-up baking, and I love kickboxing.

MR: Wow, what an incredible coincidence! How did you get into kickboxing? And if you have a link to a favorite recipe, please share it.

Renata: Desperation was likely what drove me to kickboxing. I used to find exercise to be a chore until a friend convinced me to try it. Now, I look forward to punching and kicking in the mornings. It’s also an awesome way to release stress. And on the weekends, I do my science experiments in the kitchen. It’s a good thing my kids are game to be my taste testers. Here’s one that turned out pretty well: Brown Butter Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies.

MR: Shifting gears a bit, you’ve had an interesting career journey with finance, M&A, business models, and program and product management. What do you take away from the broad background you’ve acquired, and how did your experience lead you to a role in sales operations?

Renata: My career journey was probably a result of being open to taking opportunities when they arose, even when I wasn’t 100% certain about them. The opportunities have mostly been born out of changes at different stages in my life or in the companies where I was employed. When these changes occurred, I tended to use them as catalysts to drive my own changes. It so happens I am able to leverage various aspects of previous experiences in my current sales ops role, as it requires many of those different skills. A few important things I want to point out, however, are that I’m very fortunate to have had managers who took an interest in me throughout my career. I also have amazing team members with whom I’ve worked. I could not have had such a rewarding journey without great support & community.

MR: That’s a wonderful sentiment. What advice would you give to people seeking careers in sales operations or construction more generally?

Renata: Both fields require specific skills that can be developed over time if you put in the work and are willing to learn. Build endurance and be prepared to develop a thick skin—sales is demanding. There will be times when challenges seem insurmountable, but keep at it. Everything is possible.

MR: What would you say motivates and inspires you about working at OpenSpace?

Renata: We have an important mission to simplify how the world gets built and maintained. It is wonderful to be a part of something that makes a lasting impact. It’s also really exciting to be a part of the company’s growth and to help create and build real, tangible value.

MR: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Renata: It’s a small world—treat others as you’d like to be treated.

MR: Those are great words to live by. Thanks again for sharing your story with us, Renata!

Renata: It was my pleasure.


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