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Fireside Chat: UMC Brings 3D Models to the Field with OpenSpace

In this recorded fireside chat, we feature OpenSpace’s Alex Brown (Account Executive II, Specialty Contractors) and Enrique Amaya (Sr. Solutions Engineer) in conversation with Josh Wilson, Sr. Project Manager at UMC. Established more than one hundred years ago as a mechanical contractor, UMC is a design-build contractor offering a wide range of services in the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. In this conversation, you’ll hear an informative overview of how UMC is using OpenSpace reality capture to improve efficiency and get thoughtful perspectives on some of the industry’s current challenges.

Watch this on-demand presentation to:

  • Get strategies for attracting younger generations to careers in construction.
  • Learn why comprehensive visual documentation is so crucial for contractors.
  • Understand how UMC provides access to 3D models in the field for improved information-sharing and on-site clash detection for post-coordination activities.
  • Visit an active UMC project to see how OpenSpace’s BIM Compare and Field Notes features improve communications both on-site and with clients.
  • Hear a customer’s perspective on OpenSpace Capture and OpenSpace Track, focusing on implementation, ease of use, and benefits.

Learn more about the products and technologies discussed in this fireside chat:

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About the Speakers

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Account Executive II, OpenSpace

Alex Brown is an Account Executive II with OpenSpace, where he helps Trades contractors avoid disputes, delays, and risk on large construction projects. He aims to bring the future to the present and is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between new-era technologies and old-school industries to help build the world faster and more efficiently. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/Public Policy from UC San Diego.
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Enrique Amaya

Sr. Solutions Engineer, OpenSpace

Enrique Amaya is a Senior Solutions Engineer at OpenSpace with a decade of experience. In his role, Enrique helps others leverage imagery and AI-based progress tracking solutions successfully. Before joining OpenSpace, Enrique worked at Esri and 3D Robotics.
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Josh Wilson

Sr. Project Manager, UMC

Josh Wilson is a Senior Project Manager at UMC, where he brings his engineering and problem-solving skills to the construction industry. He has been with UMC for more than a decade, and he focuses on major commercial, healthcare, and industrial projects. Josh holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University.
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