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The Boldt Company + OpenSpace

As Boldt Project Manager Scot Lauwasser explains in this video, “OpenSpace is essentially Google Street View for construction” with robust 360° imagery that lets anyone on your project virtually walk a job site from anywhere in the world, at any time. Listen as Scot and fellow Project Manager Dan Semrad and Field Engineer Zach Jens share how they’ve benefited from using OpenSpace, including:

  • Comparing live sites to models to better understand and monitor site progress.
  • Documenting inspections and other critical details for those who cannot walk the space in person.
  • Providing more visibility to improve stakeholder awareness and accountability.

Watch this brief video to learn how The Boldt Company leverages OpenSpace and better understand how your own business could benefit from this exciting technology.


Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this video and read our Boldt case study to get a more detailed look at the company’s experience using OpenSpace:

construction manager walking on site
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