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Waypoint 2023 Session 2: Getting the Most Out of OpenSpace

On June 8, 2023, more than 300 construction professionals from across the industry and around the world gathered for Waypoint 2023, our annual virtual customer summit. At this interactive event, the OpenSpace team announced exciting new products and features, showcased best practices from customers, and provided networking opportunities to connect attendees with industry leaders and OpenSpace power users.

In this recording of the entire second session, representatives from Kitchell, Humphrey Rich Construction Group, Amesbury Companies, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, and Rosendin Electric share multiple use cases for OpenSpace reality capture and walk through valuable strategies you can start to apply for securing adoption in the field, improving coordination, streamlining workflows, strengthening safety processes, and more.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Strategies from Kitchell on using OpenSpace for capturing in multiple ways for in-wall and above-ceiling captures, how to leverage the 3D Scan feature, and the best 360° cameras to use to overcome common lighting challenges.
  • Tips from Humphrey Rich Construction Group on integrating OpenSpace Field Notes within your safety team to mitigate risk, optimize quality, and sustain safe working environments.
  • Ways that OpenSpace benefits owners and simplifies facilities management, verification of pay apps, creating and managing punch lists, and more at Amesbury Companies.
  • Multiple use cases for OpenSpace and implementation strategies from Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, which rolled out the technology company-wide to mitigate risk.
  • How Rosendin Electric scaled OpenSpace from one project to nearly 80 and uses OpenSpace successfully to resolve disputes.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this video, and discover how easily your company can benefit from a reality capture solution:

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About the Speakers

Luis Vindel headshot

Luis Vindel

Assistant Project Manager, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors

Luis Vindel is Assistant Project Manager at Nibbi Brothers General Contractors and is passionate about the construction industry. He has experience in field operations of commercial and residential projects and has worked under general contractors and also as a self-perform subcontractor in San Francisco, CA. Luis has been leading the implementation of OpenSpace at Nibbi Brothers General Contractors since February 2022 and has valuable tips and tricks to share with other OpenSpace customers on ways to reduce costs and increase productivity at jobsites. Luis was a speaker on the OpenSpace Waypoint City Tour in 2022, held in San Francisco.
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Suzy Garcia headshot

Suzy Garcia

Safety Manager, Humphrey Rich Construction Group

Suzy Garcia is the Safety Manager at Humphrey Rich Construction Group. She visits jobsites to ensure safe work practices are followed to reduce risk to workers. She helps minimize the danger of job-related accidents by observing and mitigating unsafe work practices. She works closely with field superintendents to monitor safety compliance and identify safety issues, and she has developed policies to promote occupational health and safety (OSHA) awareness. Suzy also verifies required safety documents from subcontractors. She is well-versed in local, state, and federal safety standards and diligent when it comes to enforcing regulations and responding to reported construction site safety concerns expressed by onsite workers. She earned a degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Montgomery College.
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Tom Garcia headshot

Tom Garcia

Vice President Project Management, Humphrey Rich Construction Group

Tom Garcia is Vice President of Project Management at Humphrey Rich Construction Group and has been with the company since the company's first day. Tom is responsible for overseeing projects from pre-construction to completion and provides direct supervision of project personnel and support to clients. As an industry veteran of 27 years, Tom brings passion and dedication to ensure the success of every project, sets a high standard for all project managers, and helps foster positive client relations.
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Kurt Miller Sr. headshot

Kurt Miller Sr.

Owners Representative, Amesbury Companies

Kurt Miller Sr. is a seasoned builder with 30 years of experience. He represents Amesbury Companies on all 3rd party and in-house construction projects and is the qualifying party for Amesbury Construction Services. Kurt is committed to excellence, and his attention to detail is evident in every project he undertakes.
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Jeff Manders headshot

Jeff Manders

Sr Virtual Construction Engineer, Kitchell

Jeff Manders is a senior virtual construction engineer at Kitchell, where he has previously served as a field engineer, ViCon engineer, and project engineer. He leveraged his strong technical skill set and passion for construction technology applications and photography when he was assigned to evaluate potential reality capture solutions for his project. Since adopting OpenSpace, Jeff has consistently been a top user of the platform and has become Kitchell’s go-to reference for best practices, use cases, and feedback for improvements. Jeff is a top user of the platform; he has participated in multiple betas and regularly provides valuable feedback to OpenSpace’s product team. Jeff holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.
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Jose Samaniego headshot

Jose Samaniego

Field Applications Development Manager, Rosendin Electric

Jose Samaniego is the Field Applications Development Manager at Rosendin, where he has worked for eight years. Jose started out as a BIM Modeler and led several projects. After about two years, he transitioned to developing AR and VR applications, opening the door for him to eventually form his own team dedicated to finding and developing software and technology for Rosendin’s field teams.
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Christopher Ducar headshot

Christopher Ducar

Field Applications Specialist, Rosendin Electric

Christopher Ducar completed his electrical apprenticeship as an Inside Wireman in Phoenix, AZ, and worked in the field for several years before transitioning to a role where he now works as an equipment and software trainer, helping to deploy new tools and technologies to Rosendin’s field teams.
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Evan Stopnik headshot

Evan Stopnik

BIM Layout Technology Specialist, Rosendin Electric

Evan Stopnik is a BIM Coordinator at Rosendin Electric, where he has worked for five years. He acts as a liaison between BIM department personnel and field staff, with an emphasis on layout technology such as total station robots and GPS layout. Evan also assists with 3D laser scanning and implementing emerging hardware and software from the company’s technology department.
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Nicole Rieg headshot

Nicole Rieg CGSP, CCSM

Customer Success Manager, OpenSpace

Nicole Rieg is a Florida native currently living in Fort Myers with her husband and 5-year-old son. Nicole earned both her BS in Business Management and Construction Project Management certification from Florida Gulf Coast University. She applies her passion for her community and prior nonprofit experience in her Customer Success role.
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S. Michael Williams headshot

S. Michael Williams

Analyst, New Products and Services, OpenSpace

In his role as Analyst, New Products and Services at OpenSpace, Michael Williams focuses on business strategy and insurance and is currently developing strategic partnerships to help builders simplify risk mitigation and save money. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Louisiana State University.
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Taylor Anderson headshot

Taylor Anderson

Customer Success Manager, OpenSpace

Taylor Anderson is a Customer Success Manager at OpenSpace. Prior to joining OpenSpace, Taylor worked as a Project Engineer at Turner Construction, where she enjoyed testing and using innovative construction software to simplify the daily lives of her teammates. She applies that knowledge and experience as she works with specialty contractors to equip them with valuable training and guide their successful implementation of OpenSpace at their companies. Taylor earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University-Sacramento.
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Josh Heinze headshot

Josh Heinze

Customer Success Manager, OpenSpace

Josh Heinze is a Customer Success Manager at OpenSpace, where he manages general contractor accounts in the Western U.S. Josh works closely with all new and existing accounts to support the roll-out of OpenSpace software and ensure teams achieve success with the product. Prior to working at OpenSpace, Josh graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Civil Engineering and worked as a Project Engineer for Walsh Construction and KPFF Consulting Engineers. Josh’s passion for construction technology originally came from his time at Walsh, where he helped implement PlanGrid on his project. Josh holds a BE in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University.
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