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Exyte Reduces Site Travel and Improves Safety with OpenSpace

With a company history of more than 100 years and over 9,000 employees worldwide, Exyte has become a global leader in the design, engineering, and supply of ultra-clean and sustainable facilities for the high-tech industry. The company offers a comprehensive service package—from consulting to the implementation of turnkey solutions—with a strong focus on new technologies and innovative solutions.

The team working with Technology Manager and Modular Expert Martin Wenz is using OpenSpace for the implementation of an Ultra Fast Track project in Germany. To maximize efficiency, a robot dog from Boston Dynamics has even taken over the site walks with a 360° camera. This way, the team is able to create a digital twin of the construction site every single day. The entire project team leverages the captures as a central source of information, whether it’s the site manager, the designer, the safety team, or the client.

As a result, the team saves avoidable trips to the construction site, improves cross-team communication, and can make decisions faster. Thanks to integrated field notes used by the safety team to generate Safety Behaviour Observations, overall safety on site was able to be increased. Read the full case study to find out more.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this case study:

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"It’s normal now for someone to walk through the construction site with a robot dog and camera.”

Martin Wenz

Technology Manager and Modular Expert


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