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Better Scheduling and Tracking with 360° Reality Capture

The digital future of construction project management is here.

Many factors determine whether a project will be completed on time. Historically, the dependencies in construction projects have been tied up in cumbersome paper-based processes, time-consuming manual documentation, and a lot of travel to jobsites—making it much too easy to stray off the critical path.

With the rise of reality capture and other construction technologies, however, we’ve entered an exciting new digital age. It may seem futuristic, but the future is already here. Are you ready to make the leap to more modern construction workflows?

OpenSpace’s eBook, Better Scheduling and Tracking with 360° Reality Capture, walks through ways that technology can help you optimize the various elements of construction project management that contribute to an on-time delivery. Discover how other companies are using reality capture to improve progress tracking and scheduling and find best practices you can apply today to help improve your own productivity.

What’s inside?

360° reality capture is revolutionizing project management in construction, enabling companies to get unprecedented clarity and transparency and see dramatic improvements in scheduling and tracking.

Read this eBook to:

  • Discover how 360° images can help you complete projects on time.
  • Explore how reality capture technology can improve project scheduling at your company.
  • Learn how today’s construction technology enables better coordination of trades.

There has never been a better time to take construction digital. See how we can help.

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