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How Kitchell Uses OpenSpace 3D Scans to Save Time and Avoid Opening Walls

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and founded in 1950, Kitchell Corporation is a leader in the real estate and construction sectors, from concept through ribbon-cutting and beyond. The company has been using OpenSpace in all of its projects following a successful healthcare pilot.

Scanning was always a labor-intensive and expensive aspect of Kitchell’s construction projects, and the company wanted to save time scanning its job sites without having to purchase expensive equipment. When OpenSpace announced a new 3D Scans feature, Phoenix-based Field Engineer Jeff Manders was eager to try it.

Read this case study to learn how Kitchell teams are using 3D Scans to take rapid, highly accurate measurements that are automatically mapped to the project plan and accessible to all stakeholders. Discover how the technology is also helping Kitchell further reduce rework and accelerate issue resolution.


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“It’s wild how easy it is to collect this information and then share it for whatever reason. It’s not even 20 seconds per room.”

Jeff Manders

Field Engineer


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OpenSpace, the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics, empowers construction and real estate companies of every size to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their built environment. Customers such as JLL, AECOM, and RG Construction have used OpenSpace to operate more efficiently and reduce risk, capturing more than 15 billion square feet of imagery from construction projects across thousands of sites in more than 91 countries.