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How SC Builders Made Remote Collaboration Successful with OpenSpace

Founded in 1999, SC Builders is a mid-sized, financially solid, commercial general contractor. With offices in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the firm serves diverse clients in the Bay Area and beyond, including the top technology firms in the Bay Area and mission-critical, life science, and institutional clients.

OpenSpace has helped numerous clients remain resilient and thrive amid the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. SC Builders turned to OpenSpace when the company needed remote project management and progress tracking in order to facilitate collaboration with owner representatives, architects, and other stakeholders unable to visit job sites in person. OpenSpace’s 360° image capture technology has radically improved coordination and communications and has provided much greater transparency to help keep projects moving forward. The intuitive, user-friendly platform was easy to implement and numerous departments have reaped the benefits.

Read this case study to learn how OpenSpace has helped SC Builders capture projects 10x faster and 100x more completely than with their previous manual documentation process. The company has also benefited from time savings on collaboration and documentation and achieved a significant reduction of travel time and costs.


Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this case study:

SC Builders Case Study Download the case study
“OpenSpace provides the benefits of virtual walkthroughs and full-coverage documentation almost instantly—without requiring extra hours to process and locate photos. OpenSpace captures have helped us build trust with the landlord, owner, architect, and construction manager.”

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