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Waypoint Session 2: Getting the Most Out of OpenSpace: Tips & Tricks from Power Users

On October 5, 2022, nearly 400 construction professionals from across the industry and around the world gathered for Waypoint 2022, our annual virtual user conference. At this interactive event, the OpenSpace team announced exciting new products and features, showcased best practices from customers, and provided networking panels to connect attendees with industry leaders and OpenSpace power users.

In this recording of the entire second session, representatives from Broccolini and Power Design, Inc. share their experiences incorporating OpenSpace into their daily work, speaking candidly about how they use OpenSpace in nearly every stage of a building project.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • How Broccolini has strengthened interior and exterior progress monitoring, improved quality and safety, and generated valuable inspection and safety reports with OpenSpace.
  • Ways that Power Design, Inc. leverages OpenSpace to provide greater certainty, consistency, and efficiency throughout their projects.
  • Valuable, hands-on tips to improve routine processes and workflows.
  • New ways to build faster, reduce costs, avoid rework, and make better decisions using OpenSpace.
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About the Speakers

Gabe Munes, Jr.

Solutions Engineer, OpenSpace

Bryce Thomassin

Project Coordinator, Broccolini

Elyse Whissell Bergeron

BIM/VDC Manager, Broccolini

Melvin Gonzalez

Director, Field Technology, Power Design, Inc.

Daves Vargas-Ballestero

Senior IT Field Engineer, Power Design, Inc.