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The Golden Thread — Who? What? When?

The Building Safety Act is designed to fix historic and ongoing building/safety issues in the United Kingdom, to hold building owners more accountable for the same, and to hold the construction industry to higher standards of building product safety.

The new legislation will require a golden thread that contains the information needed to demonstrate compliance with specified building regulations (required through the gateways/stages of construction/refurbishment) and which will be handed over to the accountable person on completion.

To better understand the golden thread and what it means for you, watch this informative webinar featuring subject matter experts who cover:

  • Key dates to be aware of.
  • Golden rules as laid out by the government.
  • The crucial role 360° reality capture plays.
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About the Speakers

Marco Bonelli - webinar speaker

Marco Bonelli

VP Product and Digital Service Sektor
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Tamas Borodi

Regional Lead OpenSpace
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Harvey Jassal webinar speaker

Harvey Jassal

Digital Director idigitalhub
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