June 13 webinar:  Cleveland Electric & OpenSpace use cases

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Streamline the Build with 360° Images

Learn How Technology Helps Builders Be More Efficient

The best builders use technology to make their teams more efficient. In this webinar, learn how top GCs and speciality contractors like VECA Electric are using reality capture and 360° images to spot discrepancies, avoid rework, speed up RFIs, and improve QA/QC. Reality capture allows teams to create more efficient workflows by putting images at the forefront. A team member can tag an issue, coordinate with stakeholders, and accelerate decision making.

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About the Speakers

Chris Sowler

Chris Sowler

Chris is Project Manager at VECA Electric & Technologies. He started at VECA in 2016 as an intern, and after graduating from Western Washington University in 2016 with a BBA, he joined the company full-time. With a deep understanding of the commercial electrical contractor industry, and a strength for problem-solving, Chris is instrumental in helping VECA teams be as productive as possible.
Sarah Ortiz Jones

Sarah Ortiz-Jones

Sarah, a Project Engineer at VECA Electric & Technologies started in 2019 as an intern, and after graduating from Santa Clara University in 2020 with a BS, she joined the company full-time. With a background in computer science, she helps the team adopt new technologies and workflows that allow everyone to work more efficiently.
Gabe Munes

Gabriel Munes

Gabriel is a Solutions Engineer at OpenSpace. He has over 3 years of experience working in construction technology. At OpenSpace, he has worked with Enterprise customers across the globe to answer technical questions pertaining to OpenSpace products and workflows, which gives him a deep empathy and understanding for the challenges they face on jobsites.