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How Lee Kennedy Co. Stays Competitive with 360° Images

It’s hard to stay ahead of the pack, but top builders have found an advantage in using 360° images to support their teams and make remote work easier, from precon through the final closeout. In this case study webinar, you’ll learn how reality capture technology provides complete visibility to remote teams, so they can communicate faster, make decisions quicker, and work more efficiently.

You’ll hear real-life examples of how Lee Kennedy uses 360° images to:

  • Improve bid walkthroughs
  • Make competitive bids
  • Address labor shortages
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Attract new talent
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About the Speakers

Adam Settino

Adam Settino

Solutions Engineer Manager, OpenSpace

Adam leads the Solutions Engineer team at OpenSpace, where he helps builders become more efficient by implementing reality capture technology on projects. Prior to joining OpenSpace, Adam worked at Lee Kennedy for nine years as a VDC Manager and Director.
Chris Pennie

Christopher Pennie

Sr. VP of Operations, Lee Kennedy Company

Christopher has 36 years of experience in the construction industry, covering many different roles and responsibilities. He has been instrumental in completing many major projects for Lee Kennedy. He is currently the Sr. VP of Operations.
Sebastian Barbagallo

Sebastian Barbagallo

Sr. Preconstruction Manager, Lee Kennedy Company

Sebastian has worked in the construction industry for 9 years. He started at Lee Kennedy as an Assistant Estimator in 2013. During his time at Lee Kennedy he has spent 4 years onsite in the Assistant PM and Assistant Superintendent roles. He is currently a Sr. Preconstruction Manager.
Christopher O'Neil

Christopher O’Neil

Director of Virtual Design & Construction, Lee Kennedy Company

Christopher is a licensed architect with 12 years of experience in architecture and construction. He joined Lee Kennedy 8 years ago. In his current role as Director of VDC, he is responsible for the application and implementation of BIM, reality capture, and other technologies.