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OpenSpace Product Round-Up, May 2023

The OpenSpace product team is constantly working on new products, features, and improvements to simplify the work of the built world—and with this latest batch of enhancements, we’re making it even easier for project teams to work with 3D models in the field.

In this brief presentation, OpenSpace Director of Product Jess Lam walks through a batch of the latest features and enhancements we’ve released for OpenSpace Track, OpenSpace Field Notes, and BIM tools, with demos of our new:

  • Image Enhancements tool, which increases brightness, reduces shadows, and sharpens images to improve capture image quality.
  • Customized Statuses in OpenSpace Field Notes that let teams tailor the feature to align it with existing workflows and standard operating procedures.
  • Sheet Overlay feature in our BIM Compare tool that automatically overlays 2D drawings and floor plans onto the model.
  • Saved Views feature in BIM Compare that lets project stakeholders quickly and easily return to a particular view without having to navigate the model each time.
  • PDF Export feature in OpenSpace Track that facilitates stakeholder communications and drives greater efficiency in the field.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Build RFI and Issue integration with OpenSpace Field Notes enabling more efficient, less siloed Issue management.

You’ll also learn about the new 360° cameras we support, including the Insta360 Sphere for easy drone capture. Finally, Jess describes improvements to our mobile app, including QuickConnect, which helps ensure quick, consistent, and reliable captures from the field by making it a snap to add a new camera, and Background Uploads, which saves time by letting customers close the mobile app once capture uploads begin.

Existing customers can reach out to their customer success representative to join the betas that are mentioned. Not using OpenSpace yet? Let’s start the conversation.

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About the Speaker

Jess Lam headshot

Jess Lam

Director of Product, OpenSpace

Jess is Director of Product at OpenSpace. He has been building technology products across healthcare, education, and construction for the last 10 years. Prior to OpenSpace Jess was the Director of Product at 3D Robotics where he helped grow Site Scan into an enterprise drone mapping platform that was acquired by Esri in 2019. Originally from a farm in Oklahoma, Jess moved west to earn a BS and MS from Stanford.
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