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Fireside Chat: How TCE’s Transit Projects Arrive On Time with OpenSpace

TCE is a leader in the electrical industry, specializing in the construction of complex signal systems, traction power work, electrical distribution networks, resiliency, vertical transportation, and communication systems for new and existing facilities, with a specific focus on New York City’s complex mass transit system.

In this recorded fireside chat, you’ll hear OpenSpace’s Josh Berger (Sales Manager, Trades) and Colin Sucher (Account Executive, Northeast) in conversation with Jacob Shavel (Innovation Engineer at TCE). In this fascinating session, Jacob describes his vision for the future of construction technology, walks through TCE use cases for reality capture, shares his favorite OpenSpace features, and more in this lively session. Because TCE’s projects occur on New York City’s subway lines that serve millions of people every day, project teams typically have very limited access to their jobsites. Therefore, coordination and communication are essential, and this is a key reason the company turned to OpenSpace to meet its unique challenges.

Watch this on-demand presentation to:

  • Learn about TCE’s use cases for reality capture, such as enabling subject matter experts to visit sites virtually so they can monitor all projects—and train and mentor less experienced team members in the process.
  • Discover why TCE was able to secure rapid adoption of the technology in the field and foster essential coordination with the design team.
  • Understand how OpenSpace Field Notes simplify work both in the office and the field and be inspired by the novel ways TCE is using this powerful feature.

Learn more about OpenSpace products and technologies mentioned in this conversation:

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About the Speakers

Josh Berger headshot

Josh Berger

Sales Manager - Trades, OpenSpace

Josh Berger is Sales Manager for Trades at OpenSpace and brings a decade of industry experience in construction and real estate. He held several roles in sales, real estate development, and leasing prior to joining OpenSpace. Josh earned a bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin.
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Colin Sucher headshot

Colin Sucher

Account Executive, OpenSpace

Colin Sucher is an Account Executive at OpenSpace, where he brings his demonstrated experience working in the IT and construction industries. Prior to joining OpenSpace, Colin held numerous sales and business development roles.
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Jacob Shavel headshot

Jacob Shavel

Innovation Engineer, TCE

Jacob Shavel is an Innovation Engineer at TCE. As a member of the TC Innovation Group, he aims to leverage technology to improve workflow, heighten transparency and communication, and increase profitability for the organization. He completed his education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Systems Engineering & Design and Innovation and a Master of Science degree in Technology Commercialization.
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