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Meet OpenSpace’s Founders

Reality capture and AI technology have the power to transform the real estate and construction industries, and we are tackling this challenge boldly by providing industry-leading solutions for capturing and analyzing the built world. As a company, we are guided by the shared passion of OpenSpace founders Philip DeCamp, Jeevan Kalanithi, and Michael Fleischman, who continually strive to push the construction field forward.

In this video, our founders share their fondest memories and proudest moments as they describe the experience of starting the company. They discuss why they decided to enter the construction industry, how they shaped the company’s core values, what motivates them now, and why you should consider joining us.

Learn more about OpenSpace and take the next step in your own innovation journey:

Philip DeCamp, Jeevan Kalanithi, Michael Fleischman
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OpenSpace, the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics, empowers construction and real estate companies of every size to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their built environment. Customers such as JLL, AECOM, and RG Construction have used OpenSpace to operate more efficiently and reduce risk, capturing more than 15 billion square feet of imagery from construction projects across thousands of sites in more than 91 countries.