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Mass Construction Show: Reality Capture with OpenSpace and Airworks

This episode of the Mass Construction Show features guests Adam Kersnowski, COO of AirWorks, and Adam Settino, Solutions Engineer Manager at OpenSpace. Listen to this discussion for a deep dive into the world of reality capture and how this technology is revolutionizing construction. Speakers provide technical overviews to explain how image capture works and the roles AI and computer vision play in the interpolation of the data. The speakers also present practical information about why and how to use reality capture on construction projects and share perspectives on what’s next for reality capture.

Listen to this podcast to:

  • Deepen your understanding of reality capture technology and how it works
  • Learn about common use cases for reality capture in construction
  • Gain new perspectives on the future of reality capture on your construction projects

About the Speakers

Adam Settino

Adam Settino

Solutions Engineer Manager, OpenSpace

Adam Kersnowski

COO, AirWorks
Mass Construction Show

Mass Construction Show

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