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Top Construction Tech Trends to Watch

Game-changing technologies your company should be leveraging

The construction industry landscape is in the midst of rapid transformation. On one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed some cracks in the foundation, as newly-imposed constraints collided with the weight of onerous manual processes. On the other hand, we’re seeing a rapid rise in the adoption of new AI-enabled, cloud-based applications developed for the industry that are overhauling old workflows, improving collaboration, and enabling remote project management.

We reached out to some OpenSpace customers to learn which tech trends they’re following and most excited about. The result is this eBook, Top Construction Tech Trends, which shares key insights and strategies from your peers that can help you explore how AI-based technology can benefit your own company. You’ll understand how new solutions such as OpenSpace can deliver improved workflows, robust documentation, improved collaboration, and more transparency with stakeholders.

What’s inside?

Read this eBook to learn more about how the latest technologies are delivering improvements at every stage of construction and understand:

  • The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices.
  • How higher-quality prefabrication and modular construction impact project planning.
  • How increased use of robotics is helping meet talent shortages in construction.
  • The use cases of virtual and augmented reality for construction.
  • How AI-fueled generative design is creating significant new efficiencies.

Get insights from companies that have successfully implemented the latest tools and technologies and consider how they might benefit your own business.

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