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Manage and track jobsite progress remotely with OpenSpace

Today, builders must adapt to working remotely. Not only because of the global pandemic, but because teams are often spread across the country — or the world. So how can you still succeed in completing projects on time and on budget?

In this data sheet, learn how top construction firms are using technology to manage jobsites remotely and deliver excellent results for their clients. Download the report to learn:

  • How to capture your entire project in just minutes a day
  • The best way to complete inspections remotely
  • Why top construction teams are using AI technology
  • The easiest way to keep tabs on jobsites with restricted access

This report gives you actionable steps to achieve a first-class workflow that will get you through the pandemic and beyond. Fill out the form to download the PDF file.

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Using OpenSpace to keep your jobs running

Complete Capture

OpenSpace’s proprietary AI technology turns raw video into a complete, easy-to-navigate visual twin of your job site. We offer user friendly tech your teams will actually want to use—field teams simply strap a 360º camera on a hardhat and walk the site as usual. OpenSpace is so easy to use that many field teams capture their sites daily.

Keep Tabs On Closed Sites

Sleep better at night knowing your job site is safe and secure. One person with a camera can quickly capture the entire site to ensure there hasn’t been any damage or theft. Lenders and owners can review the images to validate payments and when you are ready to start back up, you can share current conditions with the team to get everyone up to speed quickly.

Track Progress

Images are automatically time-stamped, mapped to floor plans, and made searchable, so it’s easy to see side-to-side comparisons over time. OpenSpace processing times are lightning fast, generating updated results in minutes, not hours or days. Visit any point in time through an interactive 360º visual twin of your site, and zoom in to follow progress as it happens.

Keep At-Home Team Members In The Loop

With OpenSpace, everyone, even those working from home, can access the job site from any desktop or mobile device. If you can use Google Street View, you can use OpenSpace. Simply open the project, choose a floor, and drop in to the 360 images. And you can create custom views for each team member to ensure they only see what matters to them.

Maintain Jobsite Safety

OpenSpace helps you keep your safety programs up and running even if you can’t get to the job site. Field Notes can be created in the web interface to flag any issues and more experienced team members can remotely mentor on site teams on best practices and company standards.

Keep Inspections Moving

Even if inspectors can’t get to the job site, a complete 360 visual twin can be used to document progress at key milestones to keep inspections moving. A single on-site capture can support dozens of individual inspections, and time-stamped images provide a trusted record of progress. Field Notes can provide higher-res images of key areas and to flag any issues or questions.