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How OpenSpace improves field and office collaboration

By Chris Balandran

September 28th, 2023

construction team ready to capture a jobsite

Effective communication and collaboration are critical to the success of any construction project. When the right information isn’t available to the right people at the right time, there can be serious consequences ranging from inefficiency, suboptimal decision-making, and project delays to expensive rework, budget overruns, and safety issues.

Poor communication is a costly problem in construction

An industry study conducted a few years ago revealed that miscommunication and poor project data are responsible for nearly half (48%) of all rework on U.S. construction jobsites. Survey participants blamed a quarter (26%) of rework on poor communication among team members. The research further identified the driving factors of miscommunication on construction projects as unresponsiveness, poor collaboration, and the lack of a common platform allowing all stakeholders to share information and communicate.

Survey respondents also attributed a fifth (22%) of rework to poor project data, the leading causes of which were inaccurate data, difficulty accessing it, and an inability for stakeholders to easily share project information.

The upshot? The survey concluded that poor communication represented a potential yearly cost to the U.S. construction industry of $17 billion, while poor project data represented a yearly cost of $14.3 billion, together accounting for a potential cost of $31.3 billion annually.

OpenSpace reality capture addresses these challenges head-on

The fact that construction projects are constantly evolving makes collaboration in construction all the more vital. In any given construction project, you’ll find many individuals, teams, and partners—field engineers, project engineers, project managers, supers, specialty trade partners, architects, and owners, to name a few—each requiring access to data to get the job done, whether it’s knowing current jobsite conditions, the status of an issue resolution, the latest scheduling information, or myriad other project details.

We produced a short video to illustrate the power of communication to mitigate the aforementioned challenges and favorably impact a builder’s bottom line. It demonstrates successful team collaboration in action, showing how access to real-time, AI-driven insights on the jobsite accelerates the pace of construction and improves the day-to-day lives of all those who bring designs and blueprints to life.

Filmed on location at a Nibbi Brothers General Contractors project on Treasure Island near San Francisco, the project team uses OpenSpace reality capture to simplify tasks and collaborate seamlessly. Watch as we bring elements of a project to life and see how many ways the team leverages OpenSpace to quickly provide a progress report and resolve an issue. In the project shown, Nibbi saved $63,000 in avoided rework costs on one issue alone and eliminated $58,000 in travel costs.

We are honored to have Nibbi as one of our valued customers. Learn more about how and why the GC rolled out OpenSpace company-wide in our case study, and then dig deeper by watching a replay of Nibbi Asst. Project Manager Luis Vindel’s informative presentation at this year’s Waypoint, our annual customer summit. He provided valuable insights on ways Nibbi is using OpenSpace to mitigate risk and streamline operations, among other use cases.

Not using OpenSpace reality capture yet? Try it out right now with our free product demo. Click around and view real capture images of Nibbi’s project to see just how easy it is to navigate and collaborate.