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The Future of Development: Auto-Pilot Mapping

Construction companies require accurate documentation in order to monitor progress on a job site and stay on schedule. Mapping a construction site has historically been very time-consuming and precise work, but AI-based technology solutions like OpenSpace are dramatically simplifying and accelerating the documentation process.

In this edition of The Future of Development, host Anthony Amunategui welcomes OpenSpace Senior Solution Manager Jeff Flores, who describes how his passion for technology helped him go from OpenSpace customer to OpenSpace employee. Jeff also provides a useful overview of ClearSight Progress Tracking and shares a valuable perspective on the benefits of 360° photo documentation based on his own experience using the technology.

Listen to this broadcast to:

  • Understand the benefits of automated 360° site documentation.
  • Learn how to start using OpenSpace to document a job site and work with image data.
  • Hear about OpenSpace’s powerful features that let you see through walls and view the progress of a job site over time.
  • Discover how ClearSight Progress Tracking works automatically to monitor progress and generate actionable insights.

About the Speakers

Jeff Flores

Jeff Flores

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Jeff Flores is a Senior Solution Manager at OpenSpace. He is a problem solver who thinks creatively and progressively and believes every problem has an elegant solution. Prior to joining OpenSpace, Jeff served as a Senior Project Engineer at Devcon Construction and a Project Manager at TICO Construction Company, and previously held Project Engineer and Design Engineer roles at other construction companies. Jeff earned a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University.
Anthony Amunategui

Anthony Amunategui

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Anthony Amunategui is the Founder of CDO Group, Inc., which provides multi-unit retail companies and their franchisees with a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective general contracting and construction management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff. CDO Group, Inc. was formed by a group of client-side development professionals in an effort to address the industry’s changing and often unpredictable development schedules and create value for clients by ensuring their development objectives are being professionally managed.
At OpenSpace, we’re on a mission to bring new levels of transparency to construction. We combine simple off-the-shelf 360° cameras, computer vision, and AI to make it incredibly easy to capture a complete visual record of a job site, share it via the cloud, and track progress remotely. Our customers have used the platform to capture more than 10 billion square feet of job site imagery and over 494 million images of active construction projects, from job sites in 86 countries across five continents.