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Simple, fast 360˚ jobsite capture

A full record of the jobsite at your fingertips. For free, really.

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OpenSpace automatically maps 360˚ images to floor plans, providing a single source of truth that lets you track progress and cut right through disagreements so you accomplish more, faster.

Catch quality control issues, see behind walls, settle disputes, and view the jobsite from anywhere.

It’s easy to get started with OpenSpace Basic: with only a few simple steps, you’ll be up and running in no time.

OpenSpace is the fastest, easiest way to document your jobsite, and now it’s free. Really.

Included in OpenSpace Basic


Create a full, visual record of your jobsite with up to three captures per week.

  • OpenSpace Basic Capture Limit
    3 per week
  • OpenSpace Basic does not offer unlimited captures

Take up to five minutes of 360˚ footage each time you capture.

  • OpenSpace Basic Capture Limit is 5 Minutes
    Five Minutes
  • OpenSpace Basic does not offer unlimited capture length
Field Notes & Integrations

Use Field Notes to create punch lists and resolve issues.

  • icon exports
    Field Notes
  • integrations

Compare site conditions and share specific data with whoever you want.

  • BIM Compare
  • Shared Folders

Dedicated support, fast track onboarding, and more.

  • premium support
  • branded reports

OpenSpace Basic features

Built for smaller teams or projects, OpenSpace Basic is simple to use and highly effective. Answer questions, track progress, and settle disputes quickly with a full digital record of your jobsite.

Access the jobsite from anywhere.

Create an interactive visual twin of your jobsite with simple 360˚ photos. Our AI-powered engine maps your walk to your floor plan so anyone can view jobsite progress from anywhere.

See behind walls.

Using Split View, compare any two captures at different points in time. See what was in place before a major milestone like pouring concrete or hanging drywall to answer questions, settle disputes, and avoid rework.

Document issues quickly.

With OpenSpace Field Notes, you can use your phone to add detailed images and notes while you walk–and our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Use Field Notes to make short work of punch items, observations, RFIs, and more. Attach schematics, PDFS, etc. as file attachments. Keep your conversations within the context of your documentation and eliminate the need for emails or phone calls back and forth by adding comments. Add a due date and we’ll notify you when it’s due.

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