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OpenSpace is the fastest, easiest way to document, understand, and take action on your jobsite.

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Get the most value from your technology investment

OpenSpace customers can document their sites 10-20X faster than manual methods and with greater ease and speed than other solutions.

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50% savings of travel costs

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Saves users from traveling a million miles every day, on average

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1-month schedule acceleration on a 24-month project

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Ready to see what OpenSpace can do for your organization? Provide your contact details and we’ll be in touch! We’re excited to show you how our automated 360° reality capture solution delivers visibility into the status of work on your site. Plus you’ll learn:

  • Why our technology puts us ahead of the competition.
  • How you can start capturing your site almost instantly.
  • How OpenSpace will improve your processes and communication.

Don’t just take our word for it—see what our customers are saying

“It’s the holy grail for trade contractors to have consistent data points that are easily quantifiable to identify your percent complete based on where you are in the project.”

Brian Garcea
Brian Garcea

“The biggest value-add is being able to take your phone out, click record, do the walk, load your images to a computer, and be done. OpenSpace is 5X faster than its competitors and orders-of-magnitude faster than manual capture.”

Jacob Freitas
Jacob Freitas
Project Manager

“If a 2D picture is worth a thousand words and a 3D picture is worth a million words, then an OpenSpace capture is basically priceless.”

Eleftherios Pittas
Director of Design and Construction

“OpenSpace has always had the ability to track progress on a jobsite through photo documentation, but the addition of granular, detailed information on quantities and materials introduces a new dimension of value.”

Kelsey Gauger
Kelsey Gauger
National Construction Solutions Director

“OpenSpace’s software is a game-changer. Having it as a premium offering for our clients is a differentiator for our business, and solidifies JLL’s position as providing the most innovative, best-in-class solutions to its clients.”

Todd Burns
Todd Burns
President, Project & Development Services

“Through the detailed documentation OpenSpace provides, we have a true as-built, which is better for maintenance and the owner at the end.

Chad Lucks
Chad Lucks
Quality Control Manager

“You can take 100 photos of every room manually, and I guarantee that the one photo you need won’t be there. That’s where OpenSpace is great. It captures sites thoroughly and fast, organizes imagery without any effort, and makes it searchable later when you need it.”

Chris O'Neil
Chris O'Neil
Director of VDC

“Everyone in the field totally relies on OpenSpace. It always has our backs.”

Melvin Gonzalez
Melvin Gonzalez
Director of Field Technology

OpenSpace by the numbers

Choose proven solutions that grow with you and a trusted partner to support you along the way


  • skyscapers

    11 billion square feet captured to date

  • crane and building

    672 million images of active construction projects captured so far

  • map with waypoints

    Projects in 91 countries

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