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Events / Connected Construction: Field to Office with Procore & OpenSpace

Connected Construction: Field to Office with Procore & OpenSpace

Aligning multiple stakeholders and teams across construction projects can be challenging due to the diverse range of professionals involved, each with distinct perspectives and responsibilities. Poor coordination in such a complex environment often leads to costly mistakes and significant project delays, impacting budget and timeline.

This is why Procore and OpenSpace have teamed up to streamline visual documentation, Observations, RFIs, snag lists, and QA/QC processes for construction teams. In our joint webinar Tony Harbour from Procore and Andres Rodriguez from OpenSpace talk about how your company can accelerate field to office communication and build smarter.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Capture your site in minutes and automatically export your 360° images to Procore—no more data silos or toggling between software applications
  • Navigate your project remotely as if you were on-site, directly within Procore
  • Create RFIs, Observations, and snags with visual references and precise locations and push them to Procore, reducing ambiguity and simplifying collaboration among all project team members
  • Gain efficiencies by having all of this data stored in one single source of truth

Tune in to get more details on how Procore and OpenSpace can help your field and office teams work more efficiently. (Register if you can’t attend live so we can send you the recording.)


About the Speakers

Tony Harbour

Head of Technology Partnerships, EMEA, Procore

Tony is a seasoned technology executive with a passion for driving innovation and collaboration in the construction industry.  As Head of Technology Partnerships for the EMEA region at Procore, Tony plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of construction technology.
With a career spanning over two decades, Tony has a proven track record of building strategic alliances and fostering productive relationships with technology partners across the globe.  He possesses a deep understanding of the construction industry's unique challenges and opportunities, which he leverages to create meaningful partnerships that empower construction professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.
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Andres Rodriguez

Customer Success Manager, Team Lead, OpenSpace

Andres is a construction professional with expertise in rollout strategies, change management, and technical solution consulting. As the Customer Success and Solution Engineer for UK&I at OpenSpace, Andres focuses on ensuring customers successfully adopt new ways of working with technology and maximize the value they receive from their investment. With five years of experience in the construction industry and an additional five years in construction technology, Andres advocates for finding ways to incorporate technology to help improve how people collaborate and tackle challenges on their projects.
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