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 OpenSpace Vision Engine 

OpenSpace's proprietary patent pending Vision Engine platform is the first fully automated reality capture system, enabling builders and owners to capture 360 video and photos without any manual input and in a fraction of the time of traditional tools. The Vision Engine is always learning -- the more you walk, the faster you get results.

Fully Automated 

Leveraging advanced technologies like computer vision and 3D modeling, our AI system automatically maps images to project plans -- with no manual corrections or location pinning necessary. Walk for as long as you want, there are no limitations.


OpenSpace reduces documentation time by 20X. After completing a few walks, most projects can expect to see output in 10 to 15 minutes -- not hours or days. 

Innovation Years in the Making

The technology behind our patent-pending video processing algorithms is the culmination of nearly 20 years of combined R&D, starting with the founders’ PhD work at MIT. Similar to the technology behind self-driving cars, these algorithms have been adapted for the construction industry by our team of PhDs from MIT, CalTech, Stanford and Berkeley.



Compare progress against BIM in seconds. Identify and address potential issues faster, preempting costly rework.

Continuously Learning

OpenSpace’s Vision Engine gets smarter over time via machine learning. The more you walk your job site with OpenSpace, the faster your images are mapped to plans. 


OpenSpace works seamlessly with leading construction software programs, including single sign-on for Procore, PlanGrid and BIM 360 to make photo documentation more powerful than ever

OpenSpace is immensely faster because the capture is connected to the project plan and the imagery is automatically positioned on the plans.
— Tyler Rohde, PE, Novo