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Get an overview

Watch this brief video for an introduction to key features of our 360° reality capture solution.

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Dig deeper

View our webinar for specific examples of how one customer uses OpenSpace to stay competitive.

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Schedule a personalized demo with our team—we’ll get to know your unique needs and show you a live demonstration of what OpenSpace can do for you.

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Build faster and reduce costs with OpenSpace

OpenSpace customers can document their sites 10-20X faster than manual methods
and with greater ease and speed than other solutions.

Document your jobsite 15x faster
50% savings in travel costs
1-month schedule acceleration
on a 24-month project

See what OpenSpace
customers are saying:

“The biggest value-add is being able to take your phone out, click record, do the walk, load your images to a computer, and be done. OpenSpace is 5X faster than its competitors and orders-of-magnitude faster than manual capture.”

Jacob Freitas
Jacob Freitas
Project Manager

“If a 2D picture is worth a thousand words and a 3D picture is worth a million words, then an OpenSpace capture is basically priceless.”

Eleftherios Pittas
Director of Design and Construction

“OpenSpace has always had the ability to track progress on a jobsite through photo documentation, but the addition of granular, detailed information on quantities and materials introduces a new dimension of value.”

Kelsey Gauger
Kelsey Gauger
National Construction Solutions Director

OpenSpace [made it possible to] cut travel in half, which saved our company 50% on travel costs.

Steve Borup
VP of Project Management

“For each task, there’s potentially 10 minutes of time saved by using OpenSpace. That’s a lot of valuable time when you add it up.”

JC Passos
Project Engineer

“With the time savings we see with OpenSpace, we can now document all active areas of the project daily.”

Tyler RohdeTyler Rohde
Project Engineer

It’s a force multiplier due to the time savings on documentation and communication.

JB Peel
Senior Project Manager

“When I first saw the project, it looked like we were going to be 20% over budget. We ended up 10-15% under budget.”

Adam Bessert
Senior Estimator
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