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The Fastest and Simplest Way to Fully Capture and Understand Your Jobsite

Capture 150,000 square feet per hour, hands free, with images automatically mapped to plans. Leverage AI-powered analytics tools and BIM integration to get the job done.


OpenSpace Project is the leading hands-free, fully automated jobsite capture solution on the market. With the OpenSpace Vision Engine, your images are typically mapped and published in under 15 minutes. And with our simple but sophisticated analytics tools, you’ll have critical information at your fingertips so you can keep your job humming in real time. 

OpenSpace Project is tuned to give project teams everything they need to fully document their jobsite, analyze progress and issues, reduce risk and resolve conflicts.

Included in Openspace Project


Connect your phone to a 360 camera for full 360 photos and video.

  • 360 PHOTO
  • 360 VIDEO

Capture 150,000 square feet per hour.

& exports

Procore, PlanGrid and BIM360 integrations; PDF and JPG exports.


AI-powered progress tracking and analytics tools.


Dedicated support, fast track onboarding, and more.

  • branded reports

OpenSpace Project features

OpenSpace Project includes all the features in OpenSpace Photo,
plus a whole lot more.

Automated 360 Video Capture

Simply push start and walk the site with a 360 camera. We automatically map every imagetaken twice per secondto your floor plans. The OpenSpace Vision Engine also learns as it goes. After a few walks, most projects can expect results in 10 to 15 minutes—not hours, not days.

Field Notes

With OpenSpace Field Notes, you can use your phone to add detailed images and notes while you walk–and our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Use Field Notes to make short work of punch items, observations, RFIs, and more.


OpenSpace integrates with the tools you use every day. View OpenSpace directly from your homepage in Procore, and export image data directly into RFIs, Observations, and more. We don’t like double entry, and we bet you don’t either.

Share Data the Way You Want

With OpenSpace, your construction photo documentation data is your own, and you can share it how you like. Our Custom Views feature lets you choose what data you want to share. We also provide an offline deliverable for your handover package. And with our AutoReports feature, OpenSpace can even generate PDF reports in just a few clicks.

OpenSpace Insights

OpenSpace Project is not just the fastest, simplest construction photo documentation solution out there it includes powerful analytics tools as well. OpenSpace Insights lets you track progress at a glance, quickly find what you’re looking for with AI-powered search, and compare the site to BIM: you’ll have the data you need to run jobs faster and more efficiently
than ever before.

BIM Compare

We provide VDC tools that let you compare the actual conditions of the site vs. BIM. BIM Compare is cloud-based and fully-featured: turn layers on and off, snap measurements everything you’d expect to do with your model.

Object Search beta

Simply select an object or feature – a ladder, sprinkler head, anything – and click search. The system will find similar images and locate them in time and space. Quickly and easily get a sense of where your assets are, what’s been installed, and more.

Progress Tracking beta

Progress Tracking automatically detects changes on your site so you can track progress at a glance. The system will track all manner of changes – work put in place, debris piles appearing, anything the eye can see.  You can also track by trade, such as drywall and framing. Quickly see where the action is on your site – and make sure it’s going according to plan.

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