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ClearSight™ Progress Tracking

Quantify Jobsite Progress Automatically. Anytime, from Anywhere.

The fastest and easiest way to track and validate percent complete, quantity installed and rate of work.

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More building,
less inputting.

ClearSight™ Progress Tracking turns your OpenSpace images into actionable data and dashboards by automatically tracking and quantifying work-in-place for key trades and project milestones.

“I’m ready for our Superintendents to focus on building again and stop being accountants.”

– Director of Construction, ENR 50 Contractor

How It Works

Simply provide your takeoffs and we’ll take it from there. Capture your job using a 360° camera and our AI-powered trackers convert your 360 images into quantities of materials, percent complete, and map them directly to your plans for easy viewing and validation.

Capture and document your project in minutes
clearsight trackers
OpenSpace Vision Engine and secure storage
capture + clearsight trackers
Simple interactive viewing and AI tools

Project Proven 

ClearSight Progress Tracking has been used across the industry to deliver next-level speed and objectivity.  From the largest GCs to regional specialty contractors, ClearSight Progress Tracking keeps teams and payments moving and lets your people spend more time building and less time counting.

RG Construction

"When I show my dad the project in OpenSpace, he says it’s the best thing ever. That’s how I know we hit on something really good. He’s wanted this kind of visibility forever.”


"You can't manage what you can't measure.”


"Many companies offer photo documentation, but OpenSpace provides much more. It could change the way we manage construction forever.”

Keep Projects and Payments Moving

Nothing motivates action like the truth.  Automated progress tracking provides a single quantified record of progress that keeps everyone aligned and moving.

Verify Progress, Accelerate Payments

Leverage a single, trusted record of progress to verify percent complete and get paid faster.

Drive Coordination with Data

Power your OAC meetings with percent complete, quantity installed, rate of work and estimated completion date to make informed decisions and keep everyone on the same page.

Track Progress Against Schedule

Shrink the gap between reality and plan with up-to-the-minute automated progress tracking for critical trades and milestones.

Refine Estimates

Close the loop between estimates and objective work-in-place tracking to see exactly where you make and lose money.

Understand Progress from All Angles

Powerful dashboards and simple tracking tools for the whole team.

Hit 100% faster

Quickly confirm percent complete, quantities installed, locations, and areas that are blocked with the Progress View. Ideal for daily and weekly coordination meetings.

Track durations and productivity

Measure production rates objectively for the first time with our intuitive Productivity View. Export all your data with the click of a button for use in Power BI and other analytics tools.

Track activities across your entire project

The first stop for your weekly OAC and foreman coordination meetings. Instantly get the progress of each trades’ activities across the entire project with the Overview Table to keep everyone moving and resolve issues before they hit your budget or schedule.

See it for yourself – in 3D

Pop into any room or corridor with Dollhouse View to understand exactly what is impacting progress. Perfect for client progress updates.

From Framing to Finishes,
We’ve Got You Covered.

OpenSpace Trackers use computer vision and machine learning to recognize, track and quantify work in place. Trackers convert your OpenSpace images into an objective record of progress. We are building and testing new Trackers every day, so please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see next.

Walls and Ceilings
In Development

Available Trackers

Trackers can be added as-needed to your existing OpenSpace projects one at a time or in packs.  Trackers are not available for OpenSpace Photo.

Walls and Ceilings

From the first top track to the final sanding, we track the major carpentry activities to keep your job humming and trades coordinated.

Work Tracked

Top Track, Framing, Drywall Hung, Drywall Taped, Drywall Ceilings and Ceiling Tiles.

“If you track the progress of framing, which is in the critical path on 99% of projects, you’ll also generally have a good idea of whether or not you’re on schedule.”

Blake Pearce
Provident General Contractors
Blake Pearce
Provident General Contractors



Track the location and state of electrical boxes to make the last 10% of a floor as smooth as the first 90%. Ensure walls don’t outpace electrical rough-in.

Work Tracked

Electrical Box Out, Rough-In and Trim-Out.

“ClearSight has been a game changer for us. Tracking boxes from rough-in to trim-out gives me a single view of progress and helps keep everyone on the same page.”

James Hock
Oberlin Electric
James Hock
Oberlin Electric



Monitor the pace and progress of overhead HVAC from rough-in to finish. Ensure HVAC is roughed-in before walls and ceilings are closed.

Work Tracked

Ducting, Diffusers, Registers and Grills.

“OpenSpace has always had the ability to track progress on a jobsite through 360 photo documentation, but the addition of granular, detailed information on quantities and materials is quite valuable.”

Kelsey Gauger
Suffolk Construction
Kelsey Gauger
Suffolk Construction

More trackers coming soon

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