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OpenSpace Field NotesOpenSpace Field Notes

Document issues on the go with Field Notes

Capture detailed images and notes during site walks. We’ll automatically map them to your floor plans.

How GCs, owners, and trades use Field Notes

  • Keep track of observations

    Document quality control and other issues as you walk the site. Then, distribute PDF reports to relevant stakeholders to quickly get everyone on the same page—or to get the responsible party to take action.

  • Speed up RFIs

    Resolve information gaps and coordinate with design by taking photos automatically tied to floor plans. Then, automatically sync the imagery with Procore’s RFI tool—or add your colleagues’ emails so they can be notified to respond to the Field Note.

  • Streamline punch lists 

    You can discuss progress with the responsible party and ask for photo documentation to validate each task has been completed directly within each Field Note.

  • Flag issues from anywhere

    Create a Field Note during a 360° video capture (OpenSpace automatically pins these notes to your floor plan), using your mobile device while walking the jobsite, or while viewing a capture from your desk. With Field Notes you don’t have to visit the project to point out a missing door stopper or cracked light switch cover.

“We used to stick blue painter’s tape on punch items and enter each one into a spreadsheet. Field Notes have eliminated that tedious process entirely. Our final walks have only 10% to 15% of the items they would otherwise have—since we handle all the simple ones with Field Notes.”

—Kurt Miller, Sr., Owners Rep, Amesbury Company

How It Works


See an issue you need to document? Tap “Add Field Notes” in the OpenSpace app when you’re walking the site.


Take a picture and/or write a comment.


Add the team member who’s responsible for addressing the issue.


Click “Save,” and the Field Note will automatically be pinned to the project plan.


Generate custom PDF reports of Field Notes to circulate to stakeholders in a few clicks.

Make short work of punch items, RFIs and observations


No more back and forth via email or phone; now you can keep discussions in the context of specific issues—saved to your floor plan.

Project Management

You can set a due date and be automatically notified of Field Notes that are due soon, or assign a priority level.

Attach a File

Attach schematics, PDFs or marked-up images to give the responsible party more context.

Custom Tags

Create your own tags and add them to any Field Note. For example, all Field Notes that need to be compiled in reports for the architect can be tagged with “Architecture.”