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A new class of photo documentation tools, powered by AI

OpenSpace invented automated 360 video jobsite capture and mapping. We are the fastest, simplest, and most advanced tool out there–and we can prove it.

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Simple construction photos

Unlimited jobsite photos. Free. Really.

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Flexible and cross platform

OpenSpace works with the tools you already have—we support the Ricoh Theta, Insta360 and the Garmin Virb 360. We work on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. In addition to automated 360 video captures, we also support 360 photo stills and mobile phone photos: we’ve got you covered.

OpenSpace Photo is a great way to get started with complete construction photo documentation. Photo is the simplest way to capture smaller areas and quickly generate photo RFIs, issues, and observations.

With advanced features like Procore and BIM360 integration, field notes, and PDF and JPG export, Photo is a full-featured 360 photo solution. You can use your smartphone to take standard photos or connect to a 360 camera for full 360 photos.

Take as many images as you like, pin them to your plans, and share with anyone. And it’s free. Really.

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“OpenSpace is an integral tool for Power Design that helps us to provide great quality work at our jobsites consistently. The ability to see the jobsite status remotely from our central corporate office is a gamechanger for how we work, and we are looking forward to getting it deployed at 100% of our jobsites.”

Raghu Kutty
Chief Information Officer, Power Design


A complete and objective
visual record of your assets

During construction, defects create not just headaches and change orders; they can wipe out profitability when problems become liability claims. And during occupancy, poor as-builts prevent your teams from effectively operating and maintaining your spaces.

  • Track (and sell) from anywhere

    Whether you have a portfolio spread across the globe or just one project across town, physically visiting your site takes time. Visit your job from anywhere with OpenSpace. And fill your space with future tenants by showing them the site online–without requiring an in-person visit.

  • Smooth transitions from construction to operation/maintenance and back again

    For many owners, construction is a small part of the lifecycle of their business–it’s all about operation (and cap rate!) Your facilities and property management teams will love having a complete visual record of construction. Manage renovations, track progress in your spaces, and perform smarter inspections for maintenance and repair.

  • Manage defects, delays, and risk

    Getting to the bottom of construction problems can take a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of people–and those problems get more expensive the longer they go unnoticed. OpenSpace eliminates fingerpointing: we provide an easy-to-use reference of the site over time, giving you the evidence you need to resolve problems quickly and fairly.

  • Deliver on time and under budget

    The ground truth provided by OpenSpace accelerates project delivery, cuts budget overruns due to rework and change orders, and allows you to better control risk and liability—ensuring the best quality during and after construction for the life of the building.

OpenSpace is for

An objective, indisputable and complete visual record of your asset that you can use to manage stakeholders—and manage risk—throughout the entire lifecycle of your buildings.

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Holobuilder was founded in 2016 and has offices in both San Francisco, California, and Aachen, Germany. Holobuilder allows you to capture a digital progress record of your construction site.

OpenSpace was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It offers 360° photo documentation with AI technology that automatically pins photos to a project plan, enabling easy virtual walkthroughs.

“The time savings was even more significant in larger areas. It would only take 30 minutes to capture the 280,000 square feet of an entire level of the project with OpenSpace, compared to a whole day using Holobuilder.”

Jeffery Flores
P.E. at Devcon Construction, an ENR-400 construction firm

“The main reason I made the switch was processing time. StructionSite was taking 2-3 days for their VideoWalks to show up, and by the time they showed up they were already out-of date. There were other pain points too – the 10 minute walk limit, videos that never published, bad location pinning, bad orientation of 360 photos, no BIM integration – that all disappeared when I made the switch to OpenSpace.”

Anonymous P.E
at a mid-sized construction firm
Fully Automated and Lightning Fast

Turn the camera on, tap go, and just walk. Our construction photo documentation software captures images every half-second and automatically ties them to project plans. No construction photographer required. The OpenSpace Vision Engine gets smarter over time: after a few walks, most projects can expect to get results in 10 to 15 minutes — not hours, not days.

Easy and Organized

With OpenSpace Field Notes, you can use your phone to add detailed images and notes while you walk–and our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Make short work of punch items, observations, RFIs, and more. We make construction photo documentation easy.

Save on construction costs

Verify work without expensive destructive verification, efficiently evaluate change orders and payments, and catch issues before they bust your budget.

Accelerated project schedules

OpenSpace’s 360 photo documentation technology accelerates project delivery, cuts budget overruns due to rework and change orders, and allows you to better control risk and liability.

50% savings in travel costs

Save unnecessary travel to the site, and put your most experienced eyes on more projects.

Smarter asset management

Visual data is valuable not just during construction, but during operations. Now you have a true as-built to manage disputes and inform future renovations.

Choose your plan

We offer products that serve a broad range of needs,
from 1 month renovations to multi-year megaprojects

for smaller jobs

Photo free

Simple manual photo documentation
  • Ideal for jobs up to 10,000 square feet
  • 360 and smartphone photos manually pinned to plans
  • Cover up to 10,000 square feet per hour
  • Integrations with Procore, BIM360, and more
for Multi-Project Organizations


Streamlined multi-project
Everything in Project, plus:
  • Company branded reports
  • Fast track adoption and training
  • Dedicated customer support
CLEARsight ready request a demo

Priced as % of Construction Value

The Trades

Track work in place, coordinate with other trades, manage field-to-office communications–and rest easy knowing you have the documentation that ensures you’ll get paid on time for the work you do.

General Contractors

Drive accountability, streamline coordination, resolve conflicts, reduce travel–and deliver ahead of schedule and under budget.


Manage risk during both construction and operation, and sleep better at night knowing you have ground-truth data that keeps everyone on the same page.

  • 3 billion square feet
    captured to date
  • 189 million images of active
    construction projects captured so far
  • Projects in 33 countries
  • 500 million square feet
    captured to date
  • 30 million images of active
    construction projects captured so far
  • Projects in 25 countries
2.5% construction
cost savings
50% savings in travel costs
1-month schedule acceleration
on a 24-month project

About Our Founders

Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO

Jeevan sold his first company, Sifteo, to 3D Robotics, where he eventually became the President. 3DR, a 200+ person company, launched a drone which made $45M in its first year. 3DR partnered with Autodesk to launch Site Scan, a tool for documenting and analyzing jobsites. Jeevan was most recently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Lux Capital. He holds a BS from Stanford and an MS from MIT, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow.

Philip DeCamp, CTO

Philip was recently a computer vision and data visualization research scientist at MIT, where he completed his PhD (and Masters, and BS). His work has been featured at TED, among other places.

Michael Fleischman, Chief Scientist

After completing his PhD at MIT, Michael started Bluefin Labs, a company that specialized in analysis of massive amounts of video. Twitter acquired Bluefin in one of its largest acquisitions. Michael was most recently an advisor to Twitter’s CTO.

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Case studies

Balfour Beatty + OpenSpace Case Study

Learn how Balfour Beatty leverages OpenSpace across their projects. Before leveraging OpenSpace technology, Balfour Beatty teams utilized platforms that required a teammate to manually mount a 360° camera on a tripod, capture progress photos and pin those photos to the correct building location—repeating this tedious and time-consuming process in multiple jobsite zones. Once the Balfour…

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Tishman Speyer + OpenSpace Case Study

Learn how Tishman Speyer saved on rework and improved the turnover process. Tishman Speyer’s Director of Design and Construction Eleftherios Pittas and his team decided to leverage OpenSpace for The Spiral—a 2.8 million-square-foot office building currently under construction in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards—starting in mid-2019. They’ve found that 360 photo documentation ensures that areas are captured from…

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Boldt Case Study

Learn how Boldt Uses OpenSpace to Keep Healthcare Projects on Schedule. The Boldt Company, a Wisconsin-based general contractor founded in 1889, has been building hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and other healthcare facilities for more than 50 years. Like any construction company working in this sector, they’ve had to contend with its unique challenges, such as…

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Data sheets

The 5 Challenges of Building for Healthcare

Responsible for building new hospitals, urgent care centers, medical offices, and research laboratories, construction professionals must follow strict protocols to ensure these projects are built safely. Meanwhile, as new rules were put into effect that allowed fewer people on jobsites, the global pandemic made these projects even more complex. We spoke with a few of…

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The 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation

The 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation While manual photos leave you with one static image of a space, a 360 ̊ capture generates a full Google Street View-style record of the jobsite. That level of insight into progress makes it significantly easier to catch problems, keep a visual record for the lifetime of the…

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Top Construction Tech Trends in 2021

There is no denying the fact that technology is rapidly changing the construction industry. From new hardware to new software, today’s project sites look different than they did even 10 years ago. We at OpenSpace spoke to our customers to learn more about the technology trends they believe will shape this industry in 2021 and…

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  1. We Now Support 360° Video Capture for the Ricoh THETA Z1 360° Camera Now supporting video capture for the Ricoh THETA Z1

    We Now Support 360° Video Capture for the Ricoh THETA Z1 360° Camera

    The THETA Z1 is Ricoh’s premium 360° camera. With the highest image quality of all the THETA models, the THETA Z1 also has an improved lens, superior noise reduction, and more accurate image stitching.  While we’ve supported manual photo capture for the THETA Z1 for some time, we now support the full 360° video capability…

    read more
  2. Meet Jeff Manders, an Athlete Turned Robot Builder Who Discovered a Love for Construction

    Meet Jeff Manders, an Athlete Turned Robot Builder Who Discovered a Love for Construction

    Meet our July Pathfinder, Jeff Manders, a Field Engineer for Kitchell based out of Phoenix. He joined his college’s robotics team after deciding to stop playing baseball, and his love for building things ultimately led him to a career in construction.  A Passion for Team Sports from an Early Age Jeff grew up in Louisville,…

    read more
  3. How OpenSpace Progress Tracking Helps Suffolk Increase Transparency and Drive Production Onsite Suffolk

    How OpenSpace Progress Tracking Helps Suffolk Increase Transparency and Drive Production Onsite

    Suffolk’s innovative technology piloting program identified OpenSpace as a high-impact construction solution after evaluating the platform’s usability and value proposition in 2019.  With a solid foundation of using OpenSpace, Suffolk became interested in leveraging the documentation for improving an existing onsite process: progress tracking. Accurate progress tracking of specific materials has many potential use cases…

    read more
  4. Meet Beka Graham; A Texas-Born, HGTV-Loving Construction Prodigy Pathfinder Spotlight: Beka Graham

    Meet Beka Graham; A Texas-Born, HGTV-Loving Construction Prodigy

    Meet our latest Pathfinder, Beka Graham, who became a Project Engineer for Joeris General Contractors in May 2020. Her curiosity, drive, and attention to detail eased the transition from college into her first construction job at the height of the pandemic. An Early, Avid Watcher of HGTV Beka grew up with two siblings in a…

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  5. OpenSpace: 360° capture that’s Fitbit simple, and a step toward the job site analytics of the future

    OpenSpace: 360° capture that’s Fitbit simple, and a step toward the job site analytics of the future

    Despite the flurry of recent development in the construction market, Jeevan Kalanithi says, the technology for documenting construction job sites still has some way to go…

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  6. OpenSpace Secures $14M in Strategic Funding from Partners

    OpenSpace Secures $14M in Strategic Funding from Partners

    Last fall, OpenSpace secured a new round of investment from key strategic partners, including JLL, Tishman Speyer, and Suffolk Construction, to help grow our 360 photo documentation and analytics technology. Read some of the press around this exciting milestone: VentureBeat; The Real Deal; Forbes.

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  7. OpenSpace is Growing

    OpenSpace is Growing

    I am proud to announce that OpenSpace has partnered with some of the world’s best and biggest real estate and construction companies, as we close our Series A. Proud, to be sure, but also grateful…

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  8. Field Notes: Procore Groundbreak

    Field Notes: Procore Groundbreak

    Over the fours days of the conference, however, the larger story was about integration and insights, using technology to bring project teams closer together and to inform better decision-making and outcomes…

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“You just hit ‘start’ and it ties 360 photos to the plans. Lots of companies claim to be automated, but this really is.

Tim C.
Superintendent, Top 25 ENR GC

A new class of photo documentation tools, powered by AI

OpenSpace invented automated 360 video jobsite capture and mapping. We are the fastest, simplest, and most advanced tool out there, and we can prove it.

Demo videos

Openspace overview

OpenSpace BIM viewer demo

Suffolk Construction + OpenSpace

Webinars & podcast

Radical Project Transparency with 360° Reality Capture

Managing your job with automated 360 photos

The ConTechCrew 183: Time Machines for ConTech with Jeevan Kalanithi from OpenSpace

Product Comparison at-a-glance

OpenSpace delivers more powerful technology that speeds up and simplifies your process

  • 360 videos—automatically
    pinned to plans
  • New captures are available within as little as 15 minutes
  • Capture up to 280,000 square feet in just 30 minutess
  • Built by experts in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision with degrees from MIT
  • Field notes—mobile phone photos automatically pinned to plans during site walks

Your life just got easier with OpenSpace

Our product makes it much easier to create a digital twin of your job siteicon-premium-new.png


Connect to a mobile device or 360 camera for full 360 photos and video.

  • 360 photo
  • 360 video

Capture your site in 10,000 square feet per hour.

  • 10k square feet
  • 150k square feet
& exports

Procore, PlanGrid, and BIM360 integrations, PDF and JPG exports.

  • integrations
  • exports

Tracking and analytics tools.icon-ai-tools-new.png

  • AI tools
  • bim compare

Hands on support with onboarding, fast track processing, and more.branded-reports.png

  • premium support
  • branded reports