Leading trade publication, ENR, features our cofounder, Jeevan Kalanithi, in a piece sharing his ideas about the future of “Digital Twins.”

While the concept of digital twins is trending within construction, the construction industry didn’t invent it–the industrial manufacturing sector did. In this column, he explains that digital twins have traditionally relied heavily on two parameters–resolution and completeness: Resolution means how detailed a model is (e.g, are you able to measure the square footage of installed drywall?), while Completeness refers to how much of the job site is digitally captured. (In other words, does it capture just the envelope of a building? Or does it capture every vantage point of the project, both internal and external?)

But those two parameters are no longer enough. Instead, future digital twins will benefit from a third parameter, frequency. “By combining resolution and completeness with time, high-frequency digital twins can deliver immediate and long-term value to all the stakeholders in a project and later, to facility managers and their clients: the owners.” Read full article.