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Risk Mitigation and Insurance Benefits of OpenSpace

We’re all about simplifying the work of the built world, and in this short webinar, we’ll provide valuable insights and perspectives to help you unlock valuable efficiencies.

Tune in as Michael Williams (Strategy & Insurance, OpenSpace), Shelly Ros (Risk Management & Insurance, Power Design, Inc.), and Justin Levine (Co-founder & CEO, Shepherd) discuss how builders can use reality capture to mitigate risk and lower their insurance premiums.

Join us for this brief webinar to discover:

● Risk and insurance trends in construction and the evolution of the risk manager role.
● Why the consistency of jobsite walks and broad adoption of reality capture can lower builders’ insurance premiums.
● How Power Design leverages OpenSpace to mitigate risk on projects.
● The return on investment builders can expect to see by working with OpenSpace and Shepherd.

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