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Advancing Integrated Project Delivery

Welcome to the 7th Annual Advancing Integrated Project Delivery Summit!

Advancing Integrated Project Delivery is on a mission to transform efficiency, innovation, and certainty on some of the nation’s most complex projects.

Whether with or without the IFoA, this is the only conference in North America targeted on driving forward IPD. Highlighting and presenting solutions to cultural, operational, financial, and legal challenges we seek to build a roadmap for the future of collaborative project delivery in our industry.

Now in its seventh year, the conference provides an opportunity to meet, network and build relationships, while learning directly from IPD pioneers. This year’s highlights include:

  • Project owner case studies at the forefront of IPD adoption. Their experience will arm you with the insights you need to overcome challenges and implement best practices to deliver success.
  • Understand how lean tools and principles can work to harness the collective experience of delivery teams and drive innovation
  • Go beyond the contract to ensure continuous collaboration across all levels and prevent falling back on traditional behaviours
  • Insight into the latest technology and data sharing methods to ensure a single point of truth and keep projects on time and on budget

Join us in Austin this December to connect with industry leaders, share best practice, and set the foundations of success on collaborative projects.

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