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Boldt Case Study

Learn how Boldt Uses OpenSpace to Keep Healthcare Projects on Schedule.

The Boldt Company, a Wisconsin-based general contractor founded in 1889, has been building hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and other healthcare facilities for more than 50 years. Like any construction company working in this sector, they’ve had to contend with its unique challenges, such as strict protocols that need to be followed to ensure patient safety and the difficulty of installing expensive equipment in tight spaces.

Boldt wanted to explore if more robust photo documentation would make certain workflows and processes more efficient. Based on the strong results so far, Boldt plans to implement OpenSpace on multiple upcoming projects.

The technology has had impact in the following areas:

  • Fewer scheduling delays
  • More effective resource allocation
  • Enhanced remote collaboration and reduced travel time
  • Better planning for future projects
  • More accuracy and time savings in the field
  • Savings on rework

Download the case study to learn more.